Managing Your Online Reputation

The Ethics and Importance of Managing Your Online Reputation

google rankIt is the reputation management person who is the middle man between the product, service problems and the trustworthiness of the company. These people (s) must make things right with the customer.

The public can go to any company website and find product and service feedback areas on their website. It is the objective of these persons to squelch and diminish negative feedback. The flip side is that no business owner, product, or service is perfect, and there will be some negative comments. However, it is how the company manages these negative comments.

. The Reputation Management team must possess high ethical standards when dealing with their business.

. Not only does the reputation management person (s) handle negative complaints they are dutifully in charge of the ever important SEO of the company so customers can find them easily on the internet.

. They need to know how to rank high in Google Search Engine.

. They are responsible for positive customer feedback. Even negative comments can end up with very positive feedback making the company shine in spite of any negatives once submitted.

. Companies social media profile should be spotlighted and be eye-catching to the public.

. They are in charge of press releases about new business news, products, and services recently added.

. These persons monitor any legal suppression of the company such as possible libel suits.

. It is the sole responsibility of these individuals truthfully spotlighting the company and not building the company up into what it is not, just because it sounds better to the public.

. Copyright infringement must be monitored at all cost and corrected.

. These persons must offer customers something valuable in the way of promotions, awards, or free products.

press releases. These individuals must be aware of unwanted and unneeded comments on their website and remove them as soon as possible.

. Business should be somewhat selective about who they accept as clients. These customers should have an honorable reputation history in personal and business life.

. Reputation Management teams never post fake positive comments to make their company shine. Companies need only post verified customer reviews. Verified reviews tell the public, seeking to find out about the product or service offered that the review post was legally checked and not a ‘paid’ comment by a third party, in which some business continue to do to make their company shine. These ‘fake’ review can significantly decrease the quality of a company and the trust they are trying to build.