Evolution of Reputation Management

Reputation Management has Evolved Over the Past Ten Years

word of mouth marketingLittle thought was ever put into Reputation Management ten years ago or more. It is only recently that the world has become so accustomed to using the internet for business and communication. Business found out how much more quickly they could reach people. Businesses discovered that with the push of a key they could connect with companies and clients across the United States and overseas much faster. Questions to entities posed miles away received answers in a matter of minutes kept businesses in the loop of activity.

Computer technologies keep evolving to higher and faster speeds. When computers shut down the world seems to come to a stand still. Nothing gets done. The science of computer technology has become a great deal of whom and what we are today. Computers are shaping the public’s perception of a single company, firm, organization, single person and much more by referencing all information online about these individual concerns.

While word of mouth still has a bearing on how a company does business today, word of mouth was all any customer had to rely upon for the quality of a product or service before the age of computer technology. Now all of this is done with the push of a key and in an instant, we get answers through our social media sources.

The public has discovered that with the push of one single key they can get their questions answered in regards to the quality and reputation of a company and its owner. It is for this reason why it is so vital for business owners to stay on top of the monitoring of references to them or their company within the public domain across the internet and social media sites.

Years ago it took weeks, months, and sometimes years to discover what a particular business consisted of, such as their customer service, their business ethics, and the quality of the merchandise and services they rendered to the public. All that disgruntled consumers had at the time was their mouth to pass on complaints to friends and family. It took a long time to pass the word about the complaints one encounter with a company. It took even longer for the company to rectify those complaints and have the public know that they are not so bad after all.

The computer age has allowed for an increase in the visible and instant negative and positive opinions of the consumer. Because of current computer technologies, it is best if a company remains true to their word, offers only quality products and services, has trained compassionate staff to handle complaints and be skilled enough to turn those complaints into real customer satisfaction. Because of the quick response time of computers, problems can be rectified in minutes. The one problem remains that, “You can please some people some of the time, but you can’t please all people all the time.” Controlling someone else’s behavior is impossible. But, due to the internet, companies can instantly keep on top of these problems and squelch them as they arise.

internetOne thing a business owner can do to help keep on top of the monitoring of their reviews is to limit the amount of information they make available on their website and what they present to the internet public. You must ask yourself the question, “Is what I offer to the web community what I want to share, honestly?”

When promoting your company through the use of the internet always is honest and forthright. Keep on top of your business website by keeping in contact with customers, remarks, reviews, and problems. Show good business ethics and practices. Offer only quality products and affordable and comparable prices. Put the client first and act as though they are your only customer, and give them the full attention they deserve.